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Enhancing Test Bench Efficiency with Regenerative AC Load: ActionPower Solutions

The regenerative AC load plays an essential role in the field of high-performance electrical testing. Modern testing environments have high standards, and ActionPower provides state-of-the-art solutions that include regenerative grid simulations and programmable AC current sources to satisfy those demands. In this article, ActionPower‘s cutting-edge technology are highlighted as they explore the advantages of regenerative AC load.

Regenerative Grid Simulator

One of the key features of ActionPower’s regenerative AC load systems is the regenerative grid simulator. This tool is essential for emulating various grid conditions and assessing how products perform under different scenarios. By regenerating power back into the grid, it enhances energy efficiency and reduces operational costs, making it a sustainable choice for extensive testing applications.

Current and Power Limitation

To ensure the safety and integrity of the products under test, ActionPower’s regenerative AC load systems include advanced current and power limitation features. When this feature is enabled, if the current or power exceeds predefined limits, the output voltage is automatically reduced. This safety mechanism prevents damage to the tested product. Additionally, when disabled, the system can output peak values up to three times the rated current, capturing and recording the actual surge current value thanks to the effective value overcurrent protection delay setting.

Power Hardware in the Loop (PHIL) Simulation

PHIL modeling is another highlight of ActionPower’s regenerative AC load solutions. The PRE20 series programmable AC current source has good dynamic response and bandwidth. It can amplify and output signals from simulation systems, signal sources, or control board cards to the tested product with a delay of 60 µs and a signal bandwidth of 10 kHz or 2000 Hz. This allows realistic, dynamic testing scenarios to ensure products meet the highest performance standards.


ActionPower’s regenerative AC load solutions are designed to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of electrical testing. With features like regenerative grid simulators, current and power limitation, and PHIL simulation, they provide comprehensive tools for modern testing environments. These innovations not only ensure safety and reliability but also promote energy efficiency, making ActionPower a leader in the field of regenerative AC load technology.

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