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Mastering Vascular Precision with APT Medical’s Sniffer™ Aspiration Catheter

APT Medical‘s Sniffer™ Aspiration Catheter has completely redefined excellence in the field of vascular intervention. The thrombus removal process in cardiac operations is set to be transformed by this novel quick exchange catheter. The Sniffer™ Aspiration Catheter is a pioneer for healthcare professionals who want to raise the bar.

Elevating Standards: APT Medical’s Sniffer™ Aspiration Catheter Overview

The Sniffer™ Aspiration Catheter stands out with its exceptional features. A rapid exchange type catheter, it boasts a large circular aspiration lumen that significantly improves efficiency in thrombus removal. The catheter’s superior pushability and trackability ensure the rapid and effective extraction of thrombus, setting a new standard in coronary interventions.

Clinical Excellence: Sniffer™ Aspiration Catheter in Action

Sniffer™ Aspiration Catheter features large circular aspiration lumen that enhances thrombus removal capability, ensuring fast and stable suction. With optimal pushability and kink resistance, this catheter provides a reliable solution for removing thrombus effectively and rapidly.

Innovation Beyond: APT Medical’s Commitment to Advancing Vascular Solutions

APT Medical’s commitment to advancing vascular solutions is evident in the Sniffer™ Aspiration Catheter. The catheter’s removable preloaded stylet, optimized tip design, and three guidewire lumen lengths reflect the company’s dedication to innovation. APT Medical continues to lead the way, ensuring that healthcare professionals have access to innovative tools for optimal patient treatment.


In conclusion, APT Medical’s Sniffer™ Aspiration Catheter is not just a tool; it’s a testament to the company’s dedication to excellence. As the healthcare industry evolves, APT Medical remains at the forefront, providing outstanding products that redefine possibilities in vascular intervention.

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