The most standard way to play Phom today for new bettors

How to play Phom always a hot topic among betting enthusiasts. In addition, Phom also has another name, Ta La song. With simple gameplay and many attractive rewards, this type has risen to be in the top of the most popular card games in Vietnam today. For more information about this type of article, please follow the article below  Okvip Please!
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Overview of how to play Phom?

Phom is the most popular card game in Vietnam. It belongs to the genre of card drawing and requires four participants to start. To win when playing, you must have good strategies for arranging cards into pairs, trios or four of a kind.

How to play Phom is quite simple, does not require you to have too much experience. You just need to sit and watch the previous person play 1-2 games and you will immediately understand the rules of the game. The game is suitable for all ages so everyone can participate with complete confidence.

To know who is the winner, you will add up the total number of the remaining cards in hand. The winner is when they have the lowest total score. If you want to have a chance to win continuously, learn the specific rules of the game and create your own creative strategies.

The most standard way to play Phom for new players

Phom is a popular card game in Vietnam with many gameplay variations depending on the region. Down here  Okvip will guide you how to play Phom for beginners divided into two regions: South and North:

Phom form of the North

In the North, each player will receive 9 cards from the dealer. Each card game will have 2 to 4 participants, so each person will start with 9 cards. A total of 4 people will have 36 cards in the game. The remaining cards, that is, the remaining 16 cards will be placed in the middle of the table to be drawn, called Stakes.

Therefore, the number of rounds is limited to 4 rounds, even if the number of players is less, the rules of the game still remain unchanged. In the process of playing Phom, the last round is called the key round, where whoever loses will have to pay a lot of bets. This requires players to pay attention and consider carefully before each step they make.

After going through the rounds, all participants in the game must lower their cards. The winner will be the person with the lowest total score of the cards in hand. So you should have the most reasonable playing strategy possible.

How to play Southern Phom

In the South, both 8-card and 9-card Phom are very popular. In Southern Phom, players need to pay attention to the type of card according to the number of cards they are playing. For example, in the case of 8-card Phom, the number of rounds may increase to 5 rounds and the final round will be later than in Northern Phom.

In addition, the way of playing in the South is often more flexible and convenient. Sometimes, you don’t need to follow the rules of the game as strictly as in the North. For example, in Southern Phom, just 3 consecutive cards regardless of suit can create 1 Phom. But on the contrary, in the North, the cards must be of the same suit to be counted as Phom.

Good tips to help you win the fastest game of Phom

Playing Phom not only requires luck but it also requires you to hone many skills. Here are some tips that  Okvip Provides to help you play Phom the fastest:
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Use sentences

Card fishing is an important trick that you should know to have more experience in playing Phom. This way, you will play one of your cards then take one card back from your opponent’s hand. However, remember that fishing is not always successful and it can lead to many unnecessary risks.

Post at the end of the game

Before calculating points, send cards at the end of the game to reduce the amount of junk cards in your hand as well as increase your win rate. Choose the card to send so that it matches your opponent’s Phom, but you also need to consider the cards in other players’ hands.

Choose a sitting position

Choosing the right sitting position will help you have an advantage in the game. This may sound very vague but is an extremely important factor. You should sit behind the player with weak hands or the person who needs to run points to win quickly. This is a unique strategy that you should keep in mind. However, understanding the rules of the game is still the most important, so please improve your knowledge before participating.


Detailed ways to play Phom for beginners will help you gain more experience as well as good tips to start conquering this type of game. Hope through the article  Okvip has brought useful information to you. What are you waiting for, join the game today to receive many extremely attractive gifts! Good luck.

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