Thomo cockfighting arena – A place where exciting matches gather

Welcome to Thomo Cockfighting Arena, where dramatic and thrilling cockfights are created. With an exciting and diverse schedule, this is not only a place for fighters and chicken pet lovers to gather, but also an ideal destination for those who want to participate in top matches. Together dealer Nhà cái NEW88 Let’s find out what’s interesting about this chicken arena.

Introducing Thomo chicken arena

Thomo cockfighting arena is not only a famous cockfighting venue but also a symbol of passion and expectation in the cockfighting world. Here, cockfights are reported in a dramatic and eye-catching way, attracting the attention of many players across Asia. With a safe and professional environment, Truong Ga is committed to bringing the best experience to all participating members.

Built in Cambodia, Thomo arena is located near the border gate of Long An province, only about 100km away. With the two largest and most famous cocks, the 999 cock and the 67 cock, this not only attracts players with exciting matches but is also a gathering place for top fighters with a variety of tournament matches. mind.

Explore two famous Thomo cockfighting arenas in Cambodia

If you are a cockfighting enthusiast, you cannot miss these two famous places. Thomo cockfighting arena, with its long history of operation, has become a familiar destination for those who love this sport. Let’s explore two famous cockfighting arenas in Cambodia, hosted by Vietnamese organizers.

Thomo 999 chicken arena

Cockfighting Arena 999 – The Biggest Cockfighting Paradise Cockfighting Arena 999 is located in Cambodia and is known as one of the largest cockfights in this area. With the attraction of hundreds of thousands of players participating in each match, this is truly a destination not to be missed for cockfighting lovers. In particular, because of the initiative and flexibility in operations, cockfighting at Truong Ga 999 creates a safe and interesting space for players, not constrained by legal constraints.

Playing and watching cockfighting at Truong Ga 999 is not only an entertaining experience, but also an opportunity to enjoy your passion without having to worry about legal issues, especially for those from Vietnam. Male. In particular, this address also has tournaments Thomo C3 Cockfighting extremely attractive and famous.

Thomo 67 chicken arena

Thomo 67 cockfighting arena is a destination not to be missed for those who love this dramatic sport. With its large scale and professionalism, this cockfighting ring has attracted not only passionate players but also those who love to observe and feel the exciting atmosphere of the matches.

At Cockfighting Arena 67, there are not only spacious and standard fighting stages but also a system of stands and a canteen entertainment area, creating favorable conditions for the audience. In particular, having shuttle buses and hotels for players makes the experience of participating in the match more comfortable and convenient than ever.

The special thing is that Cockfighting Arena 67 attracts top fighting cocks from all over the world, creating exciting and dramatic matches. Large and small tournaments are held regularly, bringing the audience top-notch and professional matches. Coming to Truong Ga 67, you will experience wonderful and unforgettable emotions.
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Scale and things to note about the Thomo chicken arena

Let’s New88 Learn about the scale and what you need to know when participating at this location.

About scale and scale

Thomo cockfighting arena owns a large space, including a stage, stands and a cockfighting playground, creating favorable conditions for spectators to easily watch the matches. Every day, from 40 to 60 pairs of chickens will compete live, with each match lasting about 10-15 minutes.

Business hours

The Thomo arena is open to spectators and registered owners throughout the day. The match usually starts at 12 noon, and there are matches broadcast live. On weekends, because of the high number of players and spectators, matches often take place from 8am on Saturday morning.

Registration conditions

Anyone can register to participate in this cockfighting arena, be it an individual or a team. The sooner you register, the more pairs of chickens will be selected based on weight and height, to ensure fairness in the matches.

The cockfighting arena uses a simple scoring system: 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw and 0 points for a loss. The chicken team with the highest score will win. In case of a tie, the prize money will be divided equally.

The cockfighting arena is not only a place to participate in fierce matches, but also an opportunity to experience and witness exciting moments.


With a large scale, professional stage and strict organization system, Thomo cockfighting arena has become an ideal destination for those who are passionate and want to experience cockfighting. Hopefully with the information shared from the column Gamechicken in New88 will help you better understand this cockfighting arena.

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