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What a Camlock Ball Valve Is Used For

Camlock ball valves prevent fluid backflow. Fluid power circuits use them. When a high-pressure pump sucks in fluid, they open swiftly and close when pressure builds.

What’s a Camlock Ball Valve?

A ball valve helps move water. It regulates water flow. Camlock ball valves supply companies, schools, and offices with water.


Camlock ball valves are used in water distribution systems because they don’t clog. It’s also employed in air conditioning and heating systems with high flow rates.

What’s the point?

You can utilize a Union Metal camlock ball valve in several ways. Flow, pressure, and temperature can be controlled.

Camlock ball valves can be used to control water flow instead of standard water valves since they vary water flow dependent on pressure. High heat and pressures are likewise no problem.

Camlock ball valves can maintain pressure. For hydraulic systems to work, you must maintain a particular pressure. Union Metal’s Camlock ball valves allow you to regulate and maintain pressure.

Camlock ball valves can control temperature. Camlock ball valves can withstand high heat without breaking. This makes them ideal for long-term heating or cooling.

Maintaining a Camlock Ball Valve

Commercial and industrial water flow is controlled by ball valves. How to maintain a camlock ball valve:

  1. Press the valve’s top handle. Make sure the valve clip is in the groove on the valve body. Not too much!
  2. Turn the handle to adjust the water flow. Overturning the handle might harm the valve body.
  3. Take your hand off the handle and press it up until you hear a click. Tighten the valve’s clasp before use.

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