What is Bamboo Chicken? Watch Thomo bantam fighting LIVE at bookmaker Okvip

Thrilling and dramatic are the words that people use to describe the sport of kicking Bamboo chicken. This is one of the new generation betting methods with many special plus points. That’s why this gaming hall at Okvip is always “busy” with bettors. Let’s immediately read the following article to better understand the genre of making money online Okvip This.
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What breed of chicken is a bamboo chicken?

Bamboo chicken is a native chicken breed in Vietnam with a small size. In the past, it was most popular in the Southwest region. With modest weight and size, they are mainly raised for ornamental and entertainment purposes.

If not counting imported hybrid chicken breeds, the bamboo chicken is the smallest chicken breed in our country. On average, roosters weigh about 550 – 850 grams (the best weight for roosters is under 600 grams), while hens are even lighter at only 400 – 600 grams. 

In terms of feather color, they are similar to chickens (a chicken breed often roamed in Vietnam) and do not have too many different tones. However, nowadays we come across many colorful bantam breeds, the reason being that they are cross-bred with other chicken species.

According to older cockmasters, the origin of this breed can be summarized through 3 color tones:

  • Banana color: On the body, there are 3 colors of fur: red, black and white. The neck and back have an ivory white tone, with a matte black spot in the middle. Spread out the wings and you will see the colors black, red and yellow blend together. 
  • Cashew color: The tail and body resemble banana chicken. The difference is that the neck and back feathers are strikingly purple or fire colored. The number of cashew chickens is less than 30%, lower than banana chickens.
  • Some other colors: These individuals at first glance look like banana chickens, but if you look from the head down, 1/3 of the neck will show a purplish red color. The colors white and red combine harmoniously to create an attractive chicken.

Factors such as: Chicken comb, beak and leg color, tail or overall shape of the bantam chicken is very neat. Looking at it, we can see the slimness of the body, the gentleness through each step.

In combat, the bantam is especially aggressive, the king of tough attacks, extremely quick and courageous reflexes. Therefore, a bantam can even handle a fighting cock that is 4 times heavier than it.

Thomo bamboo cockfighting online is extremely attractive

Thomo bantam cockfighting is a true entertainment paradise, because this playground is allowed to operate legally with dozens of matches every day. The cockfighting arena is meticulously organized with full management, completely different from spontaneous cockfighting casinos in Vietnam.

Here, fighting bantams are carefully selected from a young age, cared for with special nutrition and harshly trained. The strength of each rooster here will surely surprise you, guaranteed to bring beautiful blows.

Most famous in the regional cockfighting world, the number of customers betting at Thomo bantam cockfighting also has a worthy number of players. This place attracts hundreds to thousands of people every day, you will be able to compare your betting skills with many top players. Opens up opportunities to make friends with people with similar passions, exchange experiences to improve betting skills.

Without worrying about lacking good bets, players will encounter all the betting options that they can know when entertaining here. Thanks to the abundance of bantams and variety of matches, this cockfighting arena can cover all forms of betting today.
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The reason why live bantam fighting attracts a large number of fighters?

With the help of large betting groups, the activities organized at the Thomo cockfighting ring are very regulated. Besides the high criteria for selecting fighting bantams, issues regarding betting or matches are also handled properly. 

The cockfighting fields are neatly cleaned after each fight, ensuring there are no remnants from the previous fight to distract players, especially online bettors.

The referee is the real person who monitors and decides the game. Thomo bantam cockfighting rules are similar to cockfighting in Vietnam, that is, when a chicken dies or runs away, it will be declared a loser.
With cock fighting in the North and Central regions of our country, it is popular to have a duration of 15 minutes/round, after which a decision will be made based on the achievements and developments of both sides in the match. As for Thomo bantam fighting, the time will be much shorter, here it is mainly fought with knife or iron spurs. That means the cock will be equipped with a weapon near the spur to increase its lethality. Most of the chickens that are judged to be losers will die, or it will be difficult for them to return to the fighting ring alive again.

Bloody fights will be performed every day, creating many emotions for bettors. Besides being able to choose all the good bets, players can also satisfy their eyes with fierce fights.

Okvip – Site reporting live bantam fighting

Although the Thomo arena is located right next to Cambodia’s border with Vietnam, exactly in Duc Hue district, Long An province. But it is a challenge for everyone to just go to another country just to watch a few matches bamboo chicken. It is both costly in terms of cost, time and comes with other risks.

To solve that big inconvenience, bookmaker Okvip officially reports live Thomo bantam fighting matches. The online form of cockfighting was born to solve all the shortcomings of the traditional cockfighting method. 

With a good technology system and stable transmission line, the live broadcasts of bantam fighting at Okvip ensure the best quality. Images are extracted with high sharpness, without broken frames or lag. Vivid sound, transmission system monitored by experts throughout the match. The cheers from the audience are still there to create atmosphere but are reduced, the commentator’s sound is also adjusted appropriately to not distract the bettors.

Before each appearance, the cocks are filmed in close-up, and the commentator shares a bit about their achievements and fighting abilities. During this time, you place bets for about 1 – 2 minutes.

Safe, convenient, fast, time-saving,… are words that can describe the positive points that live bantam cockfighting brings. 

Instead of having to travel thousands of miles, bettors now only need to stay at home to watch every detail. Just visit the website of bookmaker Okvip.bio and select the cockfighting section, surely even the most demanding customer will be satisfied with what this place has to offer.

Advantages of cockfighting site Okvip.bio

Watching through a phone screen is not as real as watching right at the cockfighting ring, that is the comment of those who have never experienced watching live bantam cockfighting at Okvip. There must be a truly convincing reason for Okvip online bantam fighting to be enjoyed by so many people. We can list the obvious advantages of bookmaker Okvip as follows:

  • Convenient and fast: Phone and internet, that’s all people have to prepare if they want to watch a live bantam fight. These are devices that are almost attached to our bodies today. 
  • Matches: Thomo is a large cockfighting arena in Cambodia, where it also cooperates with many other cockfighting arenas to jointly develop bamboo cockfighting matches. Every day there are no less than 30 live bantam fights, guaranteed you will feel extremely interesting. At any time when accessing Okvip, players will definitely encounter fierce fights between fighting cocks.
  • Watch previous matches: This is an extremely big advantage that the traditional form of watching bantam cockfighting cannot have. Matches are broadcast live in real time so players can bet at the right time. But after each game, Okvip bookmaker saves the video for players to watch whenever they are interested. 
  • Commentator reports live: It’s boring if a soccer match doesn’t have a commentator. When watching live bantam fights, the commentators are the ones who narrate the progress of the fight, create an exciting atmosphere, and comment on which bantams have the advantage or which moves are really dangerous. ,…

Is bantam cockfighting considered illegal?

Our government stipulates that betting on bantams at the cockfighting arena is considered a violation of the law. However, there has not been any specific announcement regarding the form of online bantam cockfighting. 

In addition, Thomo bantam cockfighting is a legal cockfighting entertainment activity with a full license and is based in Cambodia. You only watch live reports of bamboo cock fights in foreign cockfighting arenas, not in Vietnam, so please feel free to have fun.

In the process of making money from live bantam fighting, take note of the following notes to avoid being scammed:

  • Join quality addresses (Okvip bookmaker is a typical example)
  • Visit the bookmaker’s official website to participate in bantam cockfighting betting.
  • Understand the bets before placing money.

Bamboo cockfighting at Okvip is the safest choice for players. This is a fully licensed address with thousands of accounts accessing every day. Next to the lobby Okvip cockfighting also introduces other entertainment options such as: Sports, card games, casino,… Quickly register a Okvip account to have fun and make money.

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