What Is Kucoin Market Maker Incentive Program

KuCoin was launched in 2017 and now operating all over the globe. With a user-friendly and robust platform, KuCoin successfully reached 18 million traders existence on their platform. KuCoin offers more than 700 crypto assets on its site. KuCoin supports P2P, spot, future, margin, and fiat trading. The lending option is also one of the best features available on their marketplace. In this post, we will talk about one of the unique features of KuCoin and tell you what the KuCoin market maker incentive program is. KuCoin welcomes all people to join this program.

Market Maker Incentive Program

This program enables participants to earn up to 0.018 percent in rebates. This is one of the best offers presented on the KuCoin website. You will always find a lot of promotions, bonuses, and such opportunities on KuCoin. KuCoin offers a KCS native coin of KuCoin as a reward. Every month participants are ranked according to their commutative credit. The top 10 winners get this reward. The top pool gets up to 94500 KCS. The reward mainly depends on the number of market makers who joined this program. KuCoin also provides VIP fast tracks, including DMA, co-location, and Level 3 market data.

Requirement For Entry And Method Of Application In Market Incentive Program

To enter in market incentive program market maker must have 5000 BTC trading volume. Only the person with such crypto trading volume can participate in this program. The traders who don’t have such revenue are unfortunately unable to participate in this program. You must send some details to KuCoin’s provided email to participate in the market incentive program. These details include your KuCoin ID and proof of the last 30 days’ trading volume—also, your method of market making and estimated orders percentage.

New Update On Market Incentive Program

KuCoin introduces a new fee on the spot trading market incentive program. On July 15, 2022, KuCoin registered a new version of the market maker program, and you will now enjoy a -0.012% fee. This fee is the highest rebate in the whole cryptocurrency market. At that time, KuCoin had 3 market makers who enjoyed different fees. S level market makers enjoyed 0.012% rebates, and level A and B enjoyed 0.01% and 0.006%, respectively. As a taker fee, makers enjoy a 0.02% fee.


KuCoin operates in about 200 countries of the world. There are 1 trillion dollars in trade going on their platform. KuCoin also provides high-class security to its user’s assets. KuCoin is also considered the biggest Altcoin exchange. Many investors should know that KuCoin has introduced a Safeguard program that provides their assets insurance. KuCoin always gives several ways to earn money on their platform. Affiliate programs, content-creating programs, lending money, and market maker incentive programs are some of the examples of KuCoin’s advanced features to make money. Now you can take advantage and earn a handsome amount of money. YOU have to take advantage of each offer by involving yourself as soon as possible.

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