5 Best Courses To Pursue After Engineering

In the ever-expanding job landscape, people are struggling to find the right jobs, sometimes due to a lack of experience and primarily due to a missing skill set. Most of the educational courses that we pursue lack the aspect of industry-ready skills. This blog lists some courses that will make you job ready and improve your efficiency and skill set in your respective domain. Here is a list of some of the courses that you can pursue after/during engineering so that you don’t have to wait to land a dream job in the desired company.

1.     Data Science Courses

The field of data sciences is improving exponentially, and the need for data scientists is increasing with each passing day. Data sciences involve analysing and interpreting relevant data to measure the company’s performance. To master the skill, you can enrol in a data science course in Pune and learn concepts related to data sciences. The basic curriculum includes an understanding of machine learning algorithms, Excel, and Tableau and an extensive knowledge of Python and PowerBI.

2.   Embedded Systems (for EV Applications) Courses

Embedded Systems for EV applications is a rather uncommon but very effective course that one can pursue in engineering. This course works as a bridge between the industry standard and the specific requirements that the students lack. The primary purpose of this design is to make the students industry ready. The course is necessary to improve the skill set to design and develop software and hardware solutions. The course can be a good option for electronics and communication engineering students. You can find embedded systems courses in Bangalore and upskill your portfolio.

3.   Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Courses

AI and ML have caught the hype and found a significant place in the engineering domain as one of key skill development courses. AI involves the idea of infusing machines that function like humans, whereas the aspect of Machine Learning, a sub-branch of AI, functions to make the computers develop their own codes without coding directly. AI and ML are versatile fields, operating in different sectors, including automobiles, banking, healthcare, and finance.

4.   Business Analytics Courses

The aspect of data visualisation, using big data and other statistical tools and structures to make organisational changes, comes under business analytics. This concept presents an amalgamation of business strategy, technology, and data analysis for optimising businesses. A basic structure of the business analytics course comprises an understanding related to accounting, financial management, economic analysis, and other quantitative techniques. It also includes statistical analysis, data modelling, and other marketing analysis.

5.    Certified Ethical Hacker Courses

Another certification that has been considered a good addition to the skill set is the certification course in Ethical Hacking. This technical course involves the authorised and trained professional to hack into the systems to identify and correct system vulnerabilities. The course on ethical hacking is growing in popularity as the job market in this domain is expanding. The course consists of a basic introduction to the ethics related to hacking, scanning, information gathering, hacking database, trojans, backdoors, etc. This course can be an excellent addition to improving the likeability of getting a job in the domain of hacking and cyber security.


All the courses mentioned above can make the individual job ready. Pursuing any of these courses can open up a new job pool for people related to engineering and technology. The popularity of each of the courses mentioned above is growing with time. Which course do you think best suits your qualifications? Let us know!

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