Autophix Automotive Diagnostic Tools: An Overview of Products and Services

Autophix is a leading player in the automotive parts industry, specializing in automotive diagnostic tools. The company’s main products include universal code readers, wireless Bluetooth scanners, professional diagnostic tools, battery testers, and jump starters. Autophix automotive diagnostic tools are widely used in the automobile maintenance and repair industry.


One of Autophix’s most popular products is the Universal Code Reader, which supports a wide range of vehicles. It is easy to use and helps identify problems with the engine, transmission, airbags, and other systems in the vehicle.

The Wireless Bluetooth Scanner is another product that has gained a lot of popularity among mechanics. It connects to the vehicle wirelessly and can diagnose issues without the need for cables or wires. This makes it more convenient to use and saves time during maintenance and repairs.

For those who work on specific vehicle models, Autophix offers Professional Diagnostic Tools that are designed to diagnose and fix problems for specific models. These tools are highly accurate and help technicians find and solve problems quickly.

The Battery Tester is an important tool for diagnosing battery issues. It checks the battery’s voltage, current, and resistance and determines whether the battery needs to be replaced or not. Additionally, Autophix’s Jump Starter is a portable power bank that can start a dead battery in emergency situations.


Overall, Autophix is a reliable brand in the automotive industry, offering high-quality products and excellent customer service. Their diagnostic tools are essential for any mechanic or car enthusiast looking to diagnose and maintain their vehicles.

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