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De Corematrix’s Dental Zirconia Blocks: The Best Choice for Your Dental Prostheses


De Corematrix is a leading manufacturer of dental ceramic materials, offering a range of products including zirconia powder and dental ceramics blocks. Among their offerings, their dental zirconia blocks stand out as the ideal choice for dental prostheses due to their superior strength, biocompatibility, and natural appearance.

Advantages of Dental Zirconia Blocks

De Corematrix’s dental zirconia blocks are made of crystalline oxide form of zirconium dioxide, which is 100% biocompatible and extremely durable. They are also translucent, which allows them to blend seamlessly with the surrounding teeth, providing a natural-looking result. Additionally, the blocks are available in a range of shades, making it easy to match the color of the patient’s existing teeth.

Quality and Durability

De Corematrix’s dental zirconia blocks are manufactured using the latest technology and undergo rigorous quality control measures to ensure consistent quality and durability. The blocks are designed to withstand the stresses of everyday use, making them an excellent choice for dental prostheses that need to last for years.

Ease of Use

De Corematrix’s dental zirconia blocks are easy to work with and can be milled or shaped to fit the specific needs of the patient. They are also compatible with a range of dental CAD/CAM systems, making them a versatile choice for dental professionals.


From advanced 3D imaging systems to precision-guided robotics, De Corematrix is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the field. De Corematrix understands the challenges faced by clinics and factorie s in their quest to deliver exceptional patient care. That’s why they have developed a comprehensive suite of solutions that empower clinics and factories to achieve remarkable results. If you’re looking for a high-quality, durable, and natural-looking dental prosthesis, De Corematrix’s dental zirconia blocks are an excellent choice. With their superior strength, biocompatibility, and ease of use, they offer a reliable solution for dental professionals and patients alike.

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