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Discover Clarity and Versatility with HIKMICRO Industrial Thermal Camera

When it comes to industrial applications, having a reliable thermal imaging solution is crucial. HIKMICRO, a leading brand in thermal imaging technology, introduces their industrial thermal camera, the HIKMICRO Mini2. With its super clear thermal image quality and wide-angle lens, it is the perfect tool for a wide range of industrial inspections, offering unmatched clarity and versatility.

Super Clear Thermal Image for Precise Inspections

The HIKMICRO Mini2 industrial thermal camera features a highly sensitive VOx detector with a remarkable resolution of 256 x 192 pixels, totaling 49,152 pixels. With a NETD (Noise Equivalent Temperature Difference) of less than 40 mK, they deliver super clear thermal images. This exceptional clarity allows for precise inspections, enabling professionals to identify and address issues accurately. HIKMICRO’s commitment to quality shines through in the Mini2’s image enhancement algorithms, ensuring that every detail is clear and easily discernible.

Wide Angle Lens for Efficient Scanning

The HIKMICRO Mini2 is equipped with a 50° wide-angle lens, providing a large field of view (FOV) for efficient scanning of walls, floors, and facades. This wide-angle capability is especially valuable in industrial settings, where professionals need to identify issues like water leaks, insulation problems, and air infiltration. The Mini2’s wide-angle lens allows them to cover more area in a single scan, saving time and effort while ensuring comprehensive inspections.

Versatile Applications for Industrial Inspections

HIKMICRO’s industrial thermal camera, the Mini2, offers versatile applications across various industries. From building inspections and energy audits to electrical and mechanical troubleshooting, the Mini2 is a reliable tool for professionals in the field. Its super clear thermal images and wide-angle lens make it suitable for a wide range of industrial applications, helping to detect anomalies, prevent potential issues, and ensure optimal performance.


When it comes to industrial inspections, the HIKMICRO Mini2 industrial thermal camera is a game-changer. With its super clear thermal image quality and wide-angle lens, professionals can achieve precise and efficient inspections. HIKMICRO’s commitment to quality and innovation is evident in every aspect of the Mini2, from its highly sensitive VOx detector to its optimized image enhancement algorithms. The Mini2’s versatility makes it an invaluable asset across various industries, providing professionals with the ability to identify issues and maintain optimal performance. Invest in HIKMICRO’s industrial thermal camera, the Mini2, and experience the power of clarity and versatility in your industrial inspections.

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