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Efficiency and Precision Combined: Introducing Pharmapack’s LFOS-20 Leaflet Inserter

In the fast-paced world of packaging, delivering information to consumers effectively is essential. Pharmapack understands this need and presents the LFOS-20 Leaflet Inserter, a state-of-the-art solution designed to streamline your leaflet insertion process. With its advanced functionality and precise operation, this leaflet inserter revolutionizes the way you provide crucial information to your customers. Get ready to enhance your packaging efficiency and ensure a seamless leaflet insertion process with the LFOS-20 Leaflet Inserter from Pharmapack.

Effortless Leaflet Placement with Vacuum Technology

The LFOS-20 Leaflet Inserter simplifies the leaflet placement process with its innovative vacuum technology. Pre-folded booklets are manually placed on the conveyor and are effortlessly picked up by the vacuum sucker on the rotary axis. This intelligent mechanism transfers the booklets forward, ready for seamless insertion. By eliminating the need for manual leaflet placement, the LFOS-20 Leaflet Inserter significantly reduces labor costs and enhances overall efficiency.

Precise Booklet Sticking Process

When the bottle approaches, the sensor sends a signal to the programmable logic controller (PLC) of the LFOS-20 Leaflet Inserter. The PLC then instructs the glue dispenser to spray glue precisely. This ensures that the booklet is securely attached to the cap. With this seamless integration of technology, the LFOS-20 Leaflet Inserter guarantees a precise and reliable booklet sticking process every time, minimizing errors and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Enhanced Packaging Workflow

Pharmapack’s LFOS-20 Leaflet Inserter is designed to seamlessly integrate into your existing packaging line, enhancing your overall workflow. With its efficient leaflet insertion process, you can meet demanding production schedules without compromising on quality. The LFOS-20 Leaflet Inserter’s intelligent design and reliable performance allow for a smooth and uninterrupted packaging process, ultimately saving you time and resources.


Pharmapack’s LFOS-20 Leaflet Inserter is the ultimate solution for streamlining your leaflet insertion process. With its vacuum technology, precise booklet sticking process, and enhanced packaging workflow, this innovative inserter ensures efficiency and accuracy. Upgrade your packaging operations and deliver crucial information to your customers seamlessly with the LFOS-20 Leaflet Inserter from Pharmapack. Choose Pharmapack for all your leaflet insertion needs and experience the difference in packaging excellence.

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