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Elevating Laboratory Standards: Tianlong’s Npex 192 Automatic Nucleic Acid Extraction System

In the rapidly evolving field of molecular diagnostics, the efficiency and precision of nucleic acid extraction are paramount. The Tianlong Npex 192 Automatic Nucleic Acid Extraction System sets a new benchmark with its advanced features and robust performance, tailored to meet the needs of high-throughput laboratories seeking to enhance their operational efficiency.

High Throughput with Precision

The Npex 192 is engineered to handle sample volumes from 30 to 1000 microliters, allowing for the processing of up to 192 samples per run. This level of throughput is essential for laboratories that require fast processing times without compromising the quality of results. The system’s compatibility with 96 deep-well plates and its ability to maintain a magnetic bead residue of less than 1% ensures that each extraction is both efficient and effective, providing highly purified nucleic acids ready for downstream applications.

Advanced Control and Customization Features

Featuring separate temperature controls for lysis and elution processes—with a range extending from room temperature to 120°C—the Npex 192 offers unmatched control over extraction conditions. This precision, combined with the system’s vertical mixing technology adjustable across 8 gears, allows for the customization of protocols to suit various sample types and requirements. The flexibility to create, edit, and delete protocols easily, coupled with a built-in barcode scanner for automatic protocol management, further enhances the system’s utility and adaptability.

Streamlined Operation and Safety Measures

Tianlong has designed the Npex 192 with a focus on user-friendly operation and safety. The system features a 7-inch color LCD touchscreen for easy navigation and protocol setup, along with visual monitoring capabilities that allow users to observe the progress of nucleic acid extraction in real-time. Comprehensive contamination control measures—including negative-pressure HEPA filtration, UV disinfection, and an anti-dripping design—ensure a safe and clean operating environment, which is key for maintaining the integrity of samples.


The Tianlong Npex 192 Automatic Nucleic Acid Extraction System redefines the standards of speed, efficiency, and precision in molecular diagnostics. With its comprehensive suite of features and robust design, the Npex 192 is an indispensable tool for any laboratory committed to pushing the boundaries of research and diagnostic capabilities. Its ability to deliver high-quality nucleic acids quickly and reliably makes it a cornerstone in the advancement of molecular science.

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