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Enhancing Precision and Crossability: APT Medical’s Breakthrough CONQUEROR™ Lollipop NC PTCA Balloon Catheter

Introducing the revolutionary CONQUEROR™ Lollipop NC PTCA Balloon Catheter by APT Medical, a game-changing device in the realm of interventional cardiology. With optimal crossability, enhanced visualization, and a tapered tip option, the CONQUEROR™ Lollipop NC PTCA Balloon Catheter is poised to elevate the field of interventional cardiology. Medical professionals can now experience a new level of control and accuracy, ultimately offering patients enhanced treatment.

Unparalleled Advancements in Design

The CONQUEROR™ Lollipop NC PTCA Balloon Catheter, developed by APT Medical, boasts an extraordinary design that sets it apart in the field of interventional cardiology. At the forefront of its features is the one-of-a-kind spherical tip, meticulously crafted to navigate even the most tortuous vessels with ease. This unique design effectively avoids collisions between the stent and the balloon catheter, allowing for seamless passage through stent-covered arteries. The simplified advancement of the catheter in challenging anatomies significantly enhances procedural efficiency and success rates.

Optimal Crossability and Enhanced Visualization

With a soft spherical tip incorporating tungsten for atraumatic guidance, the CONQUEROR™ Lollipop NC PTCA Balloon Catheter ensures optimal crossability and enhanced visualization throughout the procedure. The softness of the spherical tip, combined with the added tungsten, facilitates gentle and precise navigation, minimizing the risk of vessel trauma. Furthermore, the unique spherical tip design enables smooth sliding through stents in tortuous vessels, enabling healthcare professionals to reach the desired treatment site with greater accuracy.

Tapered Tip for Versatility and Clinical Adaptability

To cater to different clinical needs, the CONQUEROR™ Lollipop NC PTCA Balloon Catheter offers a tapered tip option with an ultra-low profile of 0.016″. This exceptional feature enhances crossability, allowing the catheter to navigate through narrow and challenging vessels with remarkable ease. The tapered tip design ensures optimal performance, even in highly complex anatomical scenarios, providing healthcare professionals with the flexibility they need to address varying clinical requirements.


APT Medical’s CONQUEROR™ Lollipop NC PTCA Balloon Catheter represents a groundbreaking advancement in interventional cardiology. APT Medical continues to push the boundaries of medical innovation, equipping healthcare professionals with cutting-edge tools to conquer the challenges of interventional cardiology and ultimately improve patient outcomes. The CONQUEROR™ Lollipop NC PTCA Balloon Catheter stands as a testament to APT Medical’s commitment to excellence in the medical field.

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