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Enhancing Vascular Access with APT Medical’s Hydrophilic Guidewire

APT Medical has developed a cutting-edge Hydrophilic Guidewire called Blackeel™ which is designed to provide superior elasticity, kink resistance, torque control, and high visibility during vascular access procedures. The wire is made with Nitinol and blended with Tungsten Polymer, resulting in a soft and atraumatic tip that allows for easy navigation through the tortuous vessels. Moreover, the durable hydrophilic coating ensures lubricity of the wire, which enables smooth passage through the vessels, minimizing the risk of vessel trauma or complications. In this article, we will delve into the features of Blackeel™ and how it can aid healthcare professionals in delivering effective and safe vascular access procedures.

Excellent Torque Control

One of the standout features of APT Medical’s Hydrophilic Guidewire is its excellent torque control. The elastic material and integrated design of the guidewire allows for a 1:1 torque response, delivering the guidewire into the target vessel quickly and precisely. This precise control enables medical professionals to navigate the vasculature more accurately and confidently.

Enhanced Visibility

Another critical feature of APT Medical’s Hydrophilic Guidewire is its enhanced visibility. The tungsten blended polymer used in the guidewire construction ensures enhanced visibility under X-ray, enabling accurate positioning.

Durable and Lubricious Performance

The patented hydrophilic coating on the APT Medical Hydrophilic Guidewire offers durable and lubricious performance. This coating provides a smooth approach, even in tortuous vessels, reducing the risk of vessel trauma and improving patient comfort.

Soft and Atraumatic Tip

The tapered design of APT Medical’s Hydrophilic Guidewire ensures a soft and atraumatic tip to cross tortuous anatomy. The soft tip design also allows for greater flexibility when navigating complex anatomies, further enhancing the safety and efficiency of vascular access procedures.


In conclusion, APT Medical’s Hydrophilic Guidewire is essential for medical professionals who need to gain vascular access safely and efficiently. Its excellent torque control, enhanced visibility, durable and lubricious performance, and soft and atraumatic tip make it an important tool in many medical settings where vascular access is needed.

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