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Ensure Product Safety with Easyweigh’s China Food X-Ray Machine

The Foodman Single Beam Side Scan Food X-Ray Inspection System, offered by Easyweigh, is a state-of-the-art solution used in a variety of industries, including pharmaceuticals, textiles, and baby items. By detecting impurities such as metal, bones, glass, ceramics, stones, plastics, rubber, and defective or missing parts, this China food x-ray machine delivers sophisticated detection capabilities to guarantee product quality.

Versatile Applications in Inspection

Easyweigh’s food x ray machine is designed with a single beam X-ray inspection system that is versatile and adaptable to different industry needs. From the detection of various contaminants to ensuring product quality, this system is suitable for vertical packaging formats like boxes, cans, paper bags, and paper boxes. The intuitive operation interface and more than 250 preset products make it easy to use and customize according to specific requirements.

Enhanced Design for Efficiency

The China Food X-Ray Machine by Easyweigh boasts a special design that enhances its usability and performance. With features such as easy cleaning and maintenance procedures, high configuration and stability, an IP66 waterproof level, and customization options tailored to individual needs, this x-ray inspection system provides a reliable and efficient solution for inspecting food products in diverse packaging formats.


Trust Easyweigh’s China Food X-Ray Machine, the Foodman Single Beam Side Scan Food X-Ray Inspection System, for comprehensive contaminant detection and product quality assurance in various industries. With its intuitive interface, high stability, and customizable features, this x-ray machine offers a reliable solution for ensuring the safety and integrity of food products. Choose Easyweigh for advanced technology and efficient design in food inspection equipment, tailored to meet the stringent demands of today’s industries.

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