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Exploring Funingpu-A Leading Gelatin Manufacturer in the World of Pharmaceutical Gelatin

In the realm of high-quality gelatin production, Funingpu stands as a prominent figure with a rich history spanning over three decades. Specializing in the manufacture of gelatin and collagen peptides, Funingpu has established itself as a global leader in providing top-notch products and innovative solutions for various industries, particularly in the pharmaceutical gelatin.

Unveiling Funingpu’s Expertise

Funingpu’s journey began in the late 1980s when the company’s founder entered the gelatin industry. Since then, they have been committed to setting a unique standard for gelatin quality that is distinctively Funingpu. With a steadfast commitment to quality, Funingpu has evolved into a synonym for gelatin excellence in China.

Preparation of Pharmaceutical Gelatin

One of Funingpu’s flagship products is pharmaceutical gelatin, a vital biomaterial in the pharmaceutical industry. Sourced primarily from porcine and bovine skin, this gelatin undergoes rigorous processing and quality control to meet the stringent demands of pharmacopoeia regulations. Funingpu’s pharmaceutical gelatin adheres to strict criteria, ensuring compliance with impurity limits, heavy metal content, and microbial safety.

Funingpu’s Commitment to Quality

Funingpu’s dedication to quality goes beyond its product range. The company boasts a 15,000-ton gelatin production line and a 3,000-ton collagen peptide production line, equipped with cutting-edge production equipment and precise control mechanisms. This commitment to innovation and quality has earned Funingpu several certifications, including ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, ISO22000, FSSC22000, and GMP.

A Global Presence

Funingpu’s impact extends far beyond China, with its products reaching customers in America, Japan, and Korea. This global presence underscores the trust and recognition that Funingpu has garnered worldwide.


Funingpu, the distinguished gelatin manufacturer, continues to revolutionize the pharmaceutical industry with its exceptional pharmaceutical gelatin products. Their unwavering commitment to quality, stringent adherence to regulations, and global reach make them a go-to choice for pharmaceutical companies seeking top-tier gelatin solutions. With Funingpu, quality and excellence are not just standards but a way of life in the world of pharmaceutical gelatin.

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