Ifly Dubai Price: Get Ready To Enjoy The Flight

If you are planning to enjoy a few days in Dubai, this has got to be it. Get ready to enjoy a thrilling sky diving experience at Ifly Dubai. It is at City Center Mirdif. It is a first of its kind in Dubai City. The 10 m double vertical glass tunnel is attached to a shopping arena. Now, that is one delectable combination. You will be amazed to know that this is the most amazing sky diving center in Dubai. The Ifly Dubai Price is quite affordable, so there is no way you should miss it.

You will be well-protected with a specialized suit and glares before you take the plunge. There will be a gust of wind flowing underneath you, that is enough to keep you afloat. You need not feel scared, as you will be accompanied by trainers all through. If you are comfortable enough, your trainer may allow you to perform a few flips and rotations. Look at the video camera to get the best shots for later.

You should share the awesome experience with your friends back home. Moreover, it is a safe flight for all. Three-year-old kids can also enjoy their flight here under trained instructors.

Ifly Dubai Price of Packages For First-time Flyers

You can enjoy the best adventure and holiday ever in Dubai. The Ifly Dubai Price makes it possible for entire families to enjoy the fun. As a first-timer, you can avail yourself of a variety of packages. You can get your hands on three types of packages – standard, ultimate, and Dubai VR. You can stay afloat twice for a duration of 2 minutes. Moreover, the prices start from AED 149. The price covers the cost of your gear, trainer, and flying certificate. In the last package, you get the experience of a virtual reality fall. And, the best part is that you can enjoy four flights.

Packages for Experienced Flyers

If you are an experienced sky diver or have done it before, you are in for some good news. Enjoy 60-minutes of flying time with well-experienced instructors. The package starts from AED 1750. The basic package does not include coaching time, but the next level does. Your instructor will give you coaching on entry and formation path skills. Get a one-hour tunnel time at AED 2000. There is a third package for you as well. It includes advanced level coaching. Moreover, you can build your skills with the ultimate package. It will make you a professional to the core.

Preparing For the Ultimate Experience

You should plan well before you take the plunge. Book your tickets in advance to avoid disappointment. You Should be aware that such spots are fully booked at weekends and during public holidays. So, if you are planning to visit at such times, make advance bookings. Wear comfortable and loose-fitting clothes. However, they should be warm as the wind is chilly. Read the instructions before you venture out. You should reach the spot at least an hour in advance. Young kids can also join and have fun. Additionally, you need to be of sound health, before you set out on this expedition with the low Ifly Dubai Price.

The Virtual Reality Experience

With Ifly, you get to experience flights from different spots across the city. When you fly indoors with VR technology, you are made to wear a headset. It plays a thrilling 3D video that shows the surroundings of some of the best attractions in the city. As you watch the video, your instructor helps you to take the plunge, and you feel as if you are jumping from the best of attractions there. You can now get to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Bookings Online

Now you can book your Ifly experience online. The bookings are valid for up to 30 days. The online bookings are not valid for special events and holidays. You can purchase a ticket directly from the counter. However, it will be on a first-come-first-serve basis. If you have any discount voucher, you have to intimate the managers at the venue. Now, no one can stop you from enjoying the flight of a lifetime. Jump and feel the magic!

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