Importance Of Geography Optional Syllabus & Test Series

Choosing Geography as an optional subject has many positives.  It’s is one among the optional subject that helps in covering various topics of preliminary exams (Indian geography) and general studies paperⅠ, Ⅱ, and Ⅲ of mains exams such as world geography, international relations, India’s foreign policy, Indian economy, and disasters and disaster management. It helps students to understand major contemporary global and regional conflicts as Geography plays an important role in modern day’s Geopolitics.

Geography Optional Syllabus

Syllabus of paperⅠ contains “Principles of Geography” which includes two categories: Physical Geography and Human Geography. Under Physical Geography topics like Geomorphology, Climatology, Oceanography, Environmental Geography, Biogeography are covered. Whereas Perspectives in Human Geography, Economic Geography, Population and Settlement Geography Regional Planning, Models, Theories and Laws in Human Geography are studied under Human Geography. These wider topics have been further divided into multiple sub-topics and various aspects of natural phenomena.

Syllabus of paperⅡ majorly focuses on Geography of India that includes Physical Setting and  Physiographic regions, Resources, Agriculture, Infrastructure, Industry, Industrial policy, Transport, Communication, and Trade, Cultural Setting, Settlements, Regional Development and Planning: Political Aspects such as Geographical basis of Indian federalism; India’s role in world affairs; Geopolitics of South Asia and Indian Ocean realm, and Contemporary Issues — Ecological issues: Environmental hazards — including Globalisation and Indian economy.

Contents of PaperⅡ help students to understand major challenges currently being faced in India e.g. tribal unrest, population explosion and food security, environmental degradation, concept of sustainable growth and development, environmental awareness; linkage of rivers, deforestation, desertification, and soil erosion; problems of agrarian and industrial unrest, regional disparities in economic development, concept of sustainable growth and development; environmental awareness; linkage of rivers, land reforms and rehabilitation of displaced tribal and other marginalized groups.

Geography Optional Test Series

Getting through the mains exam of CSE requires hard work and answer writing skills in both General studies and optional papers. It does not matter how many countless nights you have spent studying if you failed to produce it on your answer sheets.  Test series are one such tool that helps you not only retaining what you have studied but also refining your writing skills at the stipulated time.

This test series is comprised of total 13 tests out of which 11 are sectional and two of them are Mock tests. Mock tests cover the entire syllabus and questions are framed on similar line to the UPSC pattern. Test series has been designed in such a way so that students can get maximum benefit out of it. It also helps in revising the entire study materials. After every test there will be discussion sessions where students can resolve their doubts and issues faced during writing the tests.

Apart from covering entire syllabus of the optional subject it also equips the students to deal with the pre-exam stress and nervousness. As it is said that preparedness is the key to succeed in any field;  our test series is one such step that take students towards that success.

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