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Outdoor Waterproof LED Screen: Enhance Visual Communication with LEDMAN’s N Series

Outdoor advertising and information displays require robust and reliable solutions that can withstand the challenges posed by weather conditions. LEDMAN‘s N Series outdoor waterproof LED screens offer a powerful combination of durability, versatility, and exceptional visual performance. With their strong protection features and flexible sizes, the N Series screens are designed to meet different application scenarios, making them the ideal choice for businesses and organizations seeking reliable outdoor display solutions.

High Protection with Double Waterproof Design

LEDMAN’s N Series outdoor waterproof LED screens feature a double waterproof design that provides optimal protection against rain and moisture. The LEDMAN G-TILE module design ensures that the LED modules and internal wires are safeguarded from water ingress, preventing damage and maintaining the longevity of the screens. This high level of protection ensures that businesses can confidently use the N Series screens in outdoor environments without worrying about weather-related issues.

Multiple Cabinet Sizes for Diverse Application Scenarios

The N Series offers multiple cabinet sizes, making it a versatile outdoor LED screen solution that can meet various application scenarios. Whether you require a large-scale display for advertising purposes, a medium-sized screen for sports events, or a smaller screen for informational displays, LEDMAN’s N Series has the flexibility to cater to your specific requirements. This adaptability enables businesses to create impactful visual experiences in different outdoor settings.


In short, LEDMAN’s N Series outdoor waterproof LED screens offer businesses and organizations a reliable and visually impressive solution for their outdoor display needs. With stability, strong protection, multiple cabinet sizes, and exceptional visual performance, the N Series delivers a comprehensive package that enhances visual communication in outdoor environments. By selecting LEDMAN’s N Series, businesses can confidently display their content, engage their audience, and make a lasting impact.

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