Revolutionize Your Sales Growth with RepMove

Today’s business trends suggest the need to make maximum use of the latest technical tools that can do most of the work for you and make doing business easier. For this purpose, it is especially effective to use the new RepMove application. This application allows you to create an excellent algorithm for your trading activities based on data analysis, management of time parameters and territorial relationships of retail outlets, resources and capabilities of your employees.

Using RepMove, you can very easily optimize your trading relationships, create an excellent trading expansion system based on the continuous management of the actions of many workers using technical analysis.

The technique works and you develop

RepMove helps because it does most of the technical work for you, related to sales planning, designing routes, and distributing areas between sales representatives. For example, with territory management, you accurately and productively create an algorithm for visiting retail outlets for an employee, based on the ratio of space and duration of movement along the route.

This is important, because your sales representatives will not get lost and will not interfere with each other, constantly colliding on the same routes. Your employee will not spend a long time searching for the right route or unexpectedly get stuck in a traffic jam; he will follow a well-thought-out algorithm of actions. Visit Gramhir to find out more information

Ergonomics is the basis of service

RepMove is very ergonomic and very functional. The program interface provides a convenient layout of basic functions, convenient switching of tabs and a quick response to the notification system regarding employee activity. You can easily and quickly switch between different options in the application, and their connection is ensured by internal compatibility of technical design.

The application is easy to learn because everything is simple and clear, and detailed instructions will make your work easier. You will find all the information about RepMove and its features at , where you will be inspired by its user-friendliness and productivity.

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