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The Strong R&D Capabilities of Seekink, the E Ink Display Manufacturer

When it comes to e ink display manufacturing, a few companies demonstrate the power of innovation as compellingly as Seekink. With its strong R&D capabilities, Seekink not only offers cutting-edge e ink paper solutions but also shapes the future of industries such as advertising, healthcare, and transportation.

What is E-Paper?

E-Paper, or electronic paper, is a digital display technology designed to mimic the appearance of ink on paper. Unlike traditional backlit displays, e-paper reflects light, making it easier on the eyes and more versatile in different lighting conditions. This technology is especially relevant today as it aligns with global sustainability goals, offering low-power consumption advantages.

The Role of R&D:

At the heart of Seekink’s success are its impressive R&D capabilities. Boasting 107 patents, the company has an intellectual property portfolio that reflects its commitment to innovation in the realm of e ink paper and beyond. Their vast array of patents include advancements in display technology, energy consumption, and customizable features.

The research team at Seekink is another asset that cannot be overlooked. Comprising over 100 top experts in the field, this pool of talent drives the constant innovation that the company is renowned for. From refining the already impressive e ink paper technology to developing entirely new applications, the R&D team is a wellspring of ingenuity.


In a rapidly evolving tech landscape, Seekink distinguishes itself with a robust focus on research and development. Its R&D capabilities not only ensure the delivery of top-notch e ink paper products but also position the company as a thought leader in a sustainable, tech-driven future.

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