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Transforming Precision Sensing with the Help of TFmini Plus LiDAR

Benewake introduces TFmini Plus LiDAR, an advanced and compact laser radar module and sensor. Building upon the success of TFmini, this upgraded version inherits its key advantages of low cost, small size, and low power consumption. However, Benewake TFmini Plus takes performance to new heights by enhancing the output frame rate, reducing the ranging blind zone, and improving data stability and accuracy. Furthermore, with its IP65 protection level and optimized compensation algorithms, TFmini Plus opens up a wide range of application fields. In this article, we delve into the technical advancements of TFmini Plus LiDAR, highlighting its improved performance and expanded possibilities.

Enhanced Performance of TFmini Plus LiDAR:

TFmini Plus LiDAR introduces key enhancements that elevate its performance capabilities.

Increased Output Frame Rate and Reduced Ranging Blind Zone:

TFmini Plus operates at a higher output frame rate, capturing data more frequently and enabling faster response times. Additionally, the LiDAR module features a reduced ranging blind zone, allowing for more precise and comprehensive distance measurements.

Improved Data Stability, Accuracy, and IP65 Protection Level:

With enhanced algorithms and advanced technology, TFmini Plus ensures superior data stability and accuracy. The module’s IP65 protection level provides resistance against dust and water ingress, making it suitable for challenging environmental conditions.

Expanded Application Fields of TFmini Plus LiDAR:

TFmini Plus LiDAR’s advancements unlock new possibilities in various industries and applications.

Optimized Compensation Algorithms for Diverse Environments:

TFmini Plus incorporates optimized compensation algorithms, enabling reliable and accurate performance across different environmental conditions. From indoor settings to outdoor scenarios, this LiDAR module excels in providing consistent and precise distance measurements.

Advantages and Potential Applications of TFmini Plus LiDAR:

With its small size, low cost, and improved performance, TFmini Plus caters to a wide range of applications. It finds utility in industrial automation, robotics, autonomous vehicles, drones, and smart city infrastructure. From object detection and navigation to environmental sensing and security systems, TFmini Plus LiDAR empowers industries with unparalleled precision and performance.


Benewake’s TFmini Plus LiDAR sets a new standard in precision sensing technology. With its enhanced performance features and expanded application fields, this advanced laser radar module offers unmatched accuracy, reliability, and versatility. Embrace the power of TFmini Plus LiDAR and unlock a new era of innovation and efficiency in your projects.

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