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Unleash the Brilliance of Light Sky’s Super Shark Beam: The Apex of Waterproof Outdoor LED Spotlights

As for outdoor lighting that combines power, versatility, and reliability, Light Sky‘s Super Shark Beam takes the crown. These high-power waterproof outdoor LED spotlights are a game-changer for large-scale commercial performances, including music festivals and cultural tourism events. With its advanced features, such as a high-definition lens, CMY infinite color mixing system, and IP66-level waterproofing, the Super Shark Beam delivers stunning and razor-sharp illuminance in any indoor or outdoor setting.

Advanced Lens and Powerful Beam

The Super Shark Beam series comes equipped with high-definition and high-precision optical front lenses, ensuring sharp and clear visuals. With a 252mm lens diameter, the Super Shark Beam generates a strong and focused beam that cuts through the darkness with precision.

Advanced Color Mixing System

Light Sky’s Super Shark Beam employs the CMY infinite color mixing system, taking illumination performance to new heights. This cutting-edge system provides an extraordinary range of colors, allowing you to create captivating lighting effects that enhance the visual impact of any performance.

Ultra-High Illuminance

With a remarkable beam angle of 1.6 degrees, the Super Shark Beam series produces an ultra-high illuminance that reaches a staggering 1,500,000 lux at a distance of 10 meters. This immense brightness ensures that your stage or outdoor venue is flooded with powerful and captivating lighting, captivating your audience and creating a mesmerizing atmosphere.

High-Level Waterproofing

The Super Shark Beam is designed to withstand the elements with its IP66-level waterproofing. This feature makes it versatile for both indoor and outdoor applications, providing peace of mind even in challenging weather conditions. Rain or shine, the Super Shark Beam delivers reliable performance without compromise.


Light Sky’s Super Shark Beam represents the pinnacle of waterproof outdoor LED spotlights. With its advanced lens, powerful beam, CMY color mixing system, ultra-high illuminance, and IP66-level waterproofing, this moving head light is a true performer. Whether you’re organizing a music festival, cultural event, or any large-scale production, the Super Shark Beam is ready to unleash its brilliance and elevate your lighting design to new heights.

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