What are The Benefits of Obtaining an M.Tech Degree?

The world of engineering is as fast-paced as it is competitive, and to make sure you get the best opportunities in your areas of interest you need to stay ahead of the curve. But how does one build a career in a specific branch of engineering? And get admission to the best engineering colleges in India?

In this blog, we try to find answers to all these questions, as we explore the benefits of getting this postgraduate degree from MTech colleges in Jaipur, and other parts of India.

All About M.Tech Course

M.Tech is a two-year postgraduate degree course in engineering that is pursued by many students who want to enhance their skills and knowledge in a specific branch of engineering. Usually, an M.Tech can be pursued by students after completing a B.Tech or B.E degree from the best engineering colleges in Rajasthan or any other state in India. This course provides students with advanced theoretical and practical knowledge in their chosen area of specialisation.

To get an overview of this course at MTech colleges in Jaipur and elsewhere, check out the table below.

Course Name Master of Technology (MTech)
Level Undergraduate
Duration 2 years
Mode of Examination Semester System
Eligibility Criteria 50% or more in BTech or similar
Admission Process Merit + Entrance based
Average Course Fee INR 2 LPA

MTech Course Specialisations and Curriculum

A lot of the curriculum of an MTech course depends on the specific domain of engineering you have chosen at MTech colleges in Jaipur, or elsewhere in India. Since engineering is a broad field that encompasses almost every aspect of our modern lives, there are so many MTech specialisations one can choose from, that it is quite impossible to list them all. Instead, we have listed the MTech specialisations offered by Arya College below, to give you an example of a few common ones:

  • Electronics and Communication Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Civil Engineering

The course curriculum in an MTech program usually covers topics such as research methodology, project management, advanced engineering mathematics, and elective subjects related to the domain. The final semester of this course at the best colleges in India also involves a dissertation or a thesis work that requires students to conduct original research and present their findings.

Benefits of Getting an MTech

There are many benefits of obtaining an M.Tech degree from MTech colleges in Jaipur:

Specialised Career Opportunities

Obtaining an M.Tech degree opens up a range of career opportunities for graduates of MTech colleges in Rajasthan and other states in India, who can choose to work as professors, researchers, scientists, consultants, engineers, etc. That too in various sectors such as academia, industry, government, or private organisations.

They can also pursue higher studies such as PhD, postdoctoral research, or even management degrees like MBA or PGDM in India or abroad. M.Tech degree holders are preferred by many employers as they have specialised knowledge and skills that are in high demand in the market. Some of the common job roles that M.Tech degree holders can apply for at the best colleges for MTech placement are listed below:

Job Role Responsibility Average Salary
Software Engineer Designing, developing, testing, and maintaining software applications and systems using various programming languages and software tools. INR 7.7 LPA
Project Manager Planning, executing, monitoring, and controlling projects of different sizes and scopes. INR 17 LPA
Data Scientist Collecting, analysing, and interpreting large and complex data sets using various statistical and machine learning methods and tools, to gain insights from it. INR 13.3 LPA
Research Associate Researching various topics and domains in their area of expertise. INR 4.5 LPA
Lecturer A lecturer is responsible for teaching and mentoring students on various subjects and topics related to engineering using various pedagogical methods and tools. INR 4 LPA

Salary and Growth

Another benefit of studying in MTech colleges in Jaipur and other parts of India is the fact it can increase the salary and growth prospects of graduates. Of course, M. Tech degree holders will earn more than B.Tech or B.E degree holders with their higher qualifications and expertise. Moreover, M.Tech degree holders can also get faster promotions and recognition in their careers as they have more potential and credibility. To understand how much of a career boost, studying in M Tech colleges in Jaipur can bring, let us take the example of a research associate again.

0 – 3 Years Experience 3 – 6 Years Experience 7+ Years Experience

Personal Development

A final benefit of obtaining an M.Tech degree is that it can enhance the personal development of the graduates. M.Tech degree holders can improve their communication, presentation, leadership, teamwork, and interpersonal skills through the course. They can also expand their network as they interact with peers, faculty, industry experts, and alumni at MTech colleges in Jaipur.


So if you’re a BTech or BE graduate thinking about the next logical step for you (depending on the resources available to you), a postgraduate degree in engineering is not a bad investment. Unless you’re in a hurry to get into lower management, in which case you should look for an MBA, an MTech offers far more scope as it can open your doors to either a PhD or fantastic raises every year.

And if you have a great idea or want to be one the best in your area of interest, then definitely pursue an MTech! Many MTech graduates from MTech colleges in Jaipur and other parts of India go on to become CXOs of leading tech companies, or even build their own.


1. What are some other MTech specialisations?

Some other common MTech specialisations are structural engineering, biomedical engineering, chemical engineering, automobile engineering, etc.

2. Who are some of the top recruiters of MTech graduates?

Some of the top recruiters of Mtech graduates from Arya College are Amazon, Morgan Stanley, Google, Capgemini, Genus Power Infrastructures, TCS, Jio, Tech Mahindra, etc.

3. Which is the best MTech specialisation?

The best MTech specialisation for you would be the branch of engineering that interests you the most, as engineers have to keep up with the latest technology throughout their careers, and it can get tedious.

4. Which MTech specialisation is best for the future?

It is impossible to predict the future and answer that accurately, but environmental engineering, robotics, AI, alternative energy, and space exploration are all in their infancy now and are bound to grow, so any specialisation that’ll let you work in these fields should offer you the best scope for future.

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