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Achieve High Precision and Performance with Boyu Extruder’s Extrusion Line Machine

When it comes to LVT flooring production, precision and performance are paramount. Boyu Extruder offers a high-quality extrusion line machine that is the perfect choice for achieving exceptional results. With their commitment to excellence and industry-leading technology, Boyu Extruder provides the tools you need to elevate your LVT flooring production line.

The Perfect Choice for LVT Flooring Production

Boyu Extruder’s extrusion line machine is specifically designed to optimize LVT flooring production. By combining the right materials such as PVC powder, calcium carbonate, DOTP, stabilizers, lubricants, and other additives, this machine ensures consistent quality and superior performance. With its advanced features and precise control, Boyu Extruder’s extrusion line machine is the perfect choice to meet the demands of the LVT flooring market.

Certified Quality: CE/UL Certification for Reliability

At Boyu Extruder, quality and reliability are of utmost importance. That’s why their high-quality twin-screw extruder machine is certified by CE/UL, guaranteeing compliance with stringent industry standards. This certification is a testament to Boyu Extruder’s commitment to delivering reliable and trustworthy equipment. When you choose their extrusion line machine, you can have confidence in its durability, efficiency, and ability to consistently produce high-quality LVT flooring.

Exceptional Precision and Performance

Boyu Extruder’s extrusion line machine is engineered to deliver exceptional precision and performance. Its advanced control systems and cutting-edge technology ensure accurate material distribution, precise temperature control, and uniform product output. By investing in Boyu Extruder’s extrusion line machine, you can achieve high precision and excellent performance, leading to superior LVT flooring products that meet the highest industry standards.


Boyu Extruder’s extrusion line machine is the ideal solution for achieving high precision and performance in LVT flooring production. With their commitment to quality, certified equipment, and advanced technology, Boyu Extruder is the trusted choice for businesses in the industry. Elevate your LVT flooring production line with Boyu Extruder’s extrusion line machine and experience the benefits of enhanced precision, reliable performance, and superior product quality. Trust Boyu Extruder to deliver the tools you need to succeed in the competitive LVT flooring market.

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