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Elevate Your Career with OSG: Your Personal Professional Coach

OSG (One Strategy Group) distinguishes itself from traditional middlemen as a leading provider of personal professional coach services. Unlike intermediaries that focus on sales figures, OSG prioritises knowledge development and industry experience, guaranteeing clients receive great advice suited to their individual needs. OSG provides professional and customised services, resulting in numerous job chances for students across diverse industries.

Tailored Support and Knowledge in the Global Finance Industry

By concentrating on the pan-finance industry and providing each student with highly personalised services, OSG sets itself apart. OSG provides individualised attention to every student by assigning many mentors to conduct mock interviews with them, resulting in a mentor-to-student ratio of 6 to 1. Since the curriculum is only meant to be used in one-on-one settings, it ensures complete improvement without the need for group or recorded instruction. The mentors at OSG come from elite firms like Blackstone, McKinsey, and Goldman Sachs. They maintain strict quality standards to give students the best possible coaching.

Developing Skills and Encouraging Self-Driven Achievement

Enhancing students’ talents is OSG’s major objective, enabling them to get offers using their own strengths. The company doesn’t provide paid internships that don’t comply with regulations because it wants to encourage students to evaluate themselves and their careers. OSG does not place constraints or limitations on students when they set goals, enabling them to reach their greatest potential. Through OSG, students’ prospects of obtaining chosen employment options are improved by enhancing their general talents.


OSG is committed to helping clients advance their professions and acts as a personal professional coach. With expert and personalised services, OSG offers specialised advice in the field of pan-finance. The student-to-mentor ratio guarantees personalised attention, and the curriculum emphasises one-on-one instruction to promote all-around development. The mentors at OSG are seasoned experts from well-known firms who uphold stringent quality control, ensuring outstanding mentoring. OSG gives students the confidence to obtain offers on the basis of their own merits by committing to skill development and self-driven achievement. Students who have OSG as their personal professional coach receive consistent assistance for the duration of their career.

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