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Enhanced Power Output and Reliability with N-Type Solar Panels

Sunway Scholar is proud to collaborate with Jinko Solar, a renowned solar panel manufacturer, to bring you cutting-edge N-Type Solar Panels. With power outputs ranging from 565W to 585W, these high-performance panels incorporate advanced technology to enhance module power output and reliability.

Improved Light Trapping and Current Collection

Jinko Solar’s N-Type Solar Panels, available through Sunway Scholar, feature advanced design and technology that enhance light trapping and current collection. These panels utilize cutting-edge techniques to maximize the absorption of sunlight and increase the conversion of solar energy into electricity. By optimizing light trapping and current collection, Jinko Solar’s N-Type modules deliver higher power output, enabling homeowners and businesses to generate more electricity from their solar installations.

Hot 2.0 Technology for Enhanced Reliability

Jinko Solar’s N-Type modules with Hot 2.0 technology offer superior reliability and reduced LID (Light Induced Degradation) and LETID (Light and Elevated Temperature Induced Degradation). The advanced technology employed in these panels minimizes power loss due to these degradation factors, ensuring long-term performance and durability. Homeowners and businesses can rely on Sunway Scholar’s N-Type Solar Panels to consistently deliver optimal power output and maintain their efficiency over the lifespan of the system.


Sunway Scholar, in collaboration with Jinko Solar, offers advanced N-Type Solar Panels that provide enhanced power output and reliability. These panels incorporate features such as improved light trapping and current collection, resulting in higher power generation from solar installations. Additionally, Jinko Solar’s Hot 2.0 technology ensures superior reliability by minimizing power loss due to LID and LETID.

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