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Unlock the Magic with Light Sky’s Super Scope Plus Moving Head Spotlight

When it comes to stage illumination, Light Sky‘s Super Scope Plus beam spot moving head light stands as a true maverick. This versatile 4-in-1 moving head spotlight offers a range of features, including a high-efficiency optical lens, low-noise heat dissipation, multi-pattern selection, and more. Designed for theaters, TV stations, large concerts, gymnasiums, and other high-end performance events, the Super Scope Plus ensures powerful and immersive stage illumination.

Unmatched Features

  1. Multi-Function Marvel: The Super Scope Plus series is a 4-in-1 moving head spotlight that its moving headlight can offer beam, spot and wash profiles. With this versatile powerhouse, you can achieve various lighting effects and adapt to diverse performance requirements.
  2. Precision in Light: Light Sky’s Super Scope Plus features a high-precision optical system, boasting a 180-mm-diameter lens. This ensures optimal light distribution, clarity, and color consistency from the center to the edge of the pattern, providing stunning visual effects.
  3. Powerful Illumination: The Super Scope Plus beam spot moving head light is designed to deliver long-distance projection with high illumination. With an impressive output of up to 40,000 lumens and a luminance of 27,700 lux at 10 meters, it effectively illuminates even the largest stages, captivating the audience with its brilliance.
  4. Flexibility and Creativity: The Super Scope Plus offers a wide range of creative options. Its Gobo module consists of two rotating Gobo wheels, allowing you to project a variety of patterns and images. The cutting module can rotate ±55°, providing clear and undistorted cutting images. These features empower you to unleash your creativity and bring your vision to life.
  5. Enhanced Effects: Light Sky’s Super Scope Plus offers a plethora of effects to enhance your lighting design. It includes a 4-facet prism, a 4-linear prism, bidirectional rotation, frost systems (light frost and heavy frost), motorized focus, variable pulse and random effects for the iris, electronic pulse strobe, and linear dimmer.


Light Sky’s Super Scope Plus beam spot moving head spotlight is a game-changer in the realm of stage illumination. With its multi-function capabilities, high-precision optics, powerful illumination, and a wide array of effects, it delivers unmatched performance for theaters, TV stations, concerts, and other high-end performance venues. Light Sky’s commitment to comprehensive after-sales service and technical support ensures a seamless experience for customers.

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