Instructions for Playing 9-Button Scratch Cards with Best Playing Tips

9-button scratch card is chosen by many players, not only because of its widespread popularity, but it is also a super attractive entertainment game to make money for you. So how to play this card game, are there any good tips that are easy to apply and effective? This paragraph Liên Minh OKVIP will help you answer your questions about those questions.

What is a 9-button scratch card?

9-button scratch card There are many different names, the most popular in Vietnam is the 3 card card game. This card game is not only played in our country but also in other countries such as Macao, China or Hong Kong.

Yesterday, 9-button scratch card Played directly between a group of people, unlimited number. Just make sure that in a game, each person is dealt an equal number of cards, which is 3 cards. Nowadays, this card game is played online on the internet, no matter where you are, you can play scratch cards. Just need the bettor’s phone, laptop or tablet to be connected to the internet.

The rules of playing 9-button scratch cards are extremely easy to understand

Regarding the number of players, there are no specific regulations, only there needs to be at least 2 or more people in the same scratch card game. In 9-button scratch card, your score will be calculated based on the rule: Add all the numbers in the 3 cards together, read the score equal to the value of the units place in that addition. You don’t need to care about the suit of that card, just care about the number, with the rules on points:

  • A: 1 point.
  • Cards numbered 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 are scored corresponding to the number written as 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 point.
  • The first cards J, Q and K count for 10 points.

When adding the points of those 3 cards, if the result is greater than 10, only take the units number. For example, that person is dealt a card with 5 diamonds, 7 clubs and 7 spades, the total of 19 will be counted as 9 points (9 buttons), 9 is the highest score and 0 is the lowest score.

If your hand is 10 points, 20 points or 30 points, it will be counted as 0 points or “compensation”. However, there is a special case in 9 button scratch card, Those are all 3 cards that the gamer is dealt, the first 3 cards – J, Q, K. At that time, the player will be counted as winning in that game, this lucky deck is called 3 fairies..

How to deal scratch cards effectively for players

According to the experience of veteran bettors, dealing scratch cards in the following way will help you elevate Odds of winning:

Gather 5 cards in 9 scratch card buttons

This method of dealing scratch cards will only be applied if there are 5 players participating in that game, with the tip “Quit – Middle – Skip – Top – Bottom”. When a game has 5 people, there will be a total of 15 cards after a turn ends. You apply division 9-button scratch card with 5 capacitors in the following order:

  • Discard: Choose the first 3 cards, this is the card that will be discarded, you rank first.
  • Middle: Choose the next 3 cards. Among these 3 cards, the middle card is the brother card that will be dealt in the next game.
  • Discard: Continue to discard 3 cards, you do not need to choose but just need to pick up all 3 cards.
  • Above: 3 cards in the upper hand will be received by youplank Next with the top card, pay attention and choose this card.
  • Below: In this hand, you will choose the card that you will receive plank next, which is the last card.

So, before dealing the cards, quickly pick them up and arrange them in the correct order as mentioned above.

Dealing process

After you have arranged the cards according to the instructions in the step above, you still need to take the next step which is to deal the cards. You divide the cards according to the following instructions:
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  • Collect cards: Collect according to the instructions above and then place the 15 cards just collected in this order at the bottom of that deck.
  • Shuffle the cards: Proceed to shuffle the cards, without revealing that you have just rearranged the deck as desired.
  • Business cards: Usually the person doing business cards will separate ½ of the deck of cards, so it will not affect the cards you have just arranged.
  • Pass cards: After reading the cards, put the deck of cards on the table and cleverly place the 15 cards you just arranged on top.
  • Dealing the cards: This is the final step, you deal in rounds so that the cards arriving at your position will be exactly the cards you have calculated.

So, with a few steps, you can quickly bring your cards to 9 buttons. However, it takes a lot of practice so that there aren’t any redundant movements that aren’t detected by other players.

You just watched the detailed content on how to play 9-button scratch card along with extremely effective playing tips. To win a hundred battles with the genre Card game Hey guys, practice a lot. Especially when collecting cards, the ability to win and win multiples of your initial bet is within your reach. Wish you luck!

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