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Power Supply Manufacturer Supports Optical Communication Technique Evolution

More individuals use the Internet every day. Mobile Internet, Cloud Computing, and 5G Wireless Technologies have drastically expanded global data volume, raising network transmission, communication technology, and device needs. Mornsun supplies high-quality power supply solutions for optical communication equipment that adapt to complicated application environments and function consistently and dependably.

  1. For Data Expansion, Optical Communication Transforms Networks.

Cloud computing, video, and social networking have accelerated worldwide data growth in APPs and communication bandwidth requirements. Global data volume will rise from 33ZB in 2018 to 175ZB in 2025. Data centers handle global Internet and APP data. Therefore, optical communication is frequently utilized. Data centers are the biggest optical communication market due to their exponential expansion in processing power and data exchange capacity, which increases network speed needs. The optical communication business will likely benefit from a 5G network and data center dual-wheel drive demand terminals.

Chip design, chip manufacturing OEM, optical device and optical module organizations, and downstream clients such as equipment suppliers, operators, and cloud enterprises make up the optical communication industry chain.

The application field divides fiber-optic communication equipment into transmission and data communication equipment. Digital communication relies on routers and switches, while transmission relies on transmission networks and access network equipment.

“Optical access for replacing copper access” is expanding the optical transmission equipment industry. It also advances manufacturing techniques and quality. The power supply is the “heart” of equipment. Power providers must meet the optical communication sector in product performance, delivery date, quality, and dependability.

  1. Market-driven power solution—typical use in fiber-optic communication

RHUB System

Power and coverage area split optical transmission equipment into Macro Site, Micro Site, Pico Site, and Femto Site. Baseband unit (BBU), hub unit (RHUB), and remote radio unit (RRU) make up Pico Site (Peru).

RHUB (hub unit), a multi-port hub unit, allows multi-level cascade and flexible expansion. Power usage increased with back-end device expansion. A high-quality switching power supply may increase equipment stability and dependability at its heart. Current RHUB equipment power supply issues include:

1) The product requires tight temperature control and significant power consumption;

2) The application environment demands a stable and reliable system power supply;

3) The 1U chassis must fulfill height and volume criteria and generate high power to meet power density.

Mornsun developed power solutions for its power application pain points after analyzing RHUB equipment demand feedback.

Example 2: RPT (Repeater)

The repeater relays wireless signals between the base station and the mobile station. It has an antenna, RF duplexer, low-noise amplifier, filter, power amplifier, and other modules. Repeater quality is measured by smartness (remote monitoring), IP3 (less than -36dBm), NF, and dependability. Power requirements:

1) The application’s complicated working environment requires a larger input voltage range, operating temperature range, electromagnetic interference, etc.

2) Low standby power, efficiency, and ripple noise are needed.

3) Machine dependability requires a protective function and strong isolation voltage.

Mornsun provided repeating power supply options after researching industry needs.

The primary power supply is the Mornsun switching power supply LM50-23B24 of the 305RAC Family, which may be used for a long period in hard or particular settings with the greater input voltage, temperature, altitude, electromagnetic interference, etc. Output short circuits, overcurrent, and overvoltage protection fulfill 4000VAC high isolation voltage and system requirements.

  1. Industry trends, market demand

5G networks use optical communication. Based on the entire enclosed power supply R&D platform, Mornsun has responded quickly, segmented demands, refined products, helped customers solve difficulties, and dedicated to providing the industry and customers with the best power supply and boosting industrial growth.

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