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Redefining LED Video Panels : BAKO’s Flying Drone 2.0 Series

In the world of visual displays, BAKO has once again raised the bar with their cutting-edge LED video panels, specifically the Flying Drone 2.0 Series. This series of panels combines the latest technological advancements with an ultra HD resolution, an ultra-thin and lightweight design, a seamless splicing screen, and a host of other remarkable features.

Ultra HD: Unleashing Visual Brilliance

BAKO’s Flying Drone 2.0 Series of LED video panels offer an ultra HD resolution, delivering unrivaled visual brilliance. With exceptional pixel density and color accuracy, these panels bring content to life with stunning clarity and detail.

Ultra-Thin and Low Weight: Aesthetic and Portable Design

The Flying Drone 2.0 Series boasts an ultra-thin and super-light design that is both visually appealing and highly portable. With a single cabinet weighing just 6KG and measuring 600 mm*337.5 mm, these panels offer a minimalist and asymmetric aesthetic that seamlessly integrates into any environment.

No Module Frame Design: Simplified Installation

BAKO’s LED video panels in the Flying Drone 2.0 Series feature a no module frame design, eliminating the need for cables between modules and cabinets. This innovative design choice not only enhances the overall visual appeal but also simplifies the installation process. Without module frames and cables to contend with, installation becomes faster and more convenient, saving valuable time and effort for users.

100% Front Service and Front Installation: Enhanced Accessibility

BAKO’s Flying Drone 2.0 Series supports 100% front service and front installation, providing enhanced accessibility for maintenance and service purposes. These panels can be wall-mounted and offer front service, allowing for easy access to modules, HUB boards, cards, and power supplies.


BAKO’s Flying Drone 2.0 Series of LED video panels represents a significant leap forward in visual display technology. Whether used for advertising, presentations, or immersive experiences, BAKO’s Flying Drone 2.0 Series delivers stunning visuals that captivate audiences and elevate the overall viewing experience.

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