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Revolutionizing Cardiac Monitoring with Edan’s Portable 12 Lead ECG Machine

In the realm of portable 12 lead ECG machines, the Edan iSE Series Series is making waves by bringing ECG into the information era. With its sleek and efficient tablet design, the iSE Series Series is engineered to provide an exceptional mobile experience while seamlessly integrating with IT systems. Designed to fit seamlessly into applications such as ambulances, first-aid settings, and modern paperless, informationized hospitals, the iSE Series Series represents a significant leap forward in portable cardiac monitoring technology.

Enhanced Signal Quality for PreciSE Series Diagnostics

One of the standout features of the Edan iSE Series Series is its pioneering self-adaptive filter technology. This innovative AC filter technology ensures that the ECG signal quality remains optimal even in the most challenging clinical environments with unstable voltage. This guarantees that healthcare professionals receive accurate and reliable data, enabling them to make informed decisions quickly and effectively, even in high-pressure situations.

Seamless Integration for Real-Time Data Management

The iSE Series Series by Edan offers seamless integration with various IT systems, allowing for real-time data management and analysis. This ensures that critical information is readily available to healthcare providers, enabling them to make prompt and well-informed decisions for their patients. Whether it’s in an ambulance rushing to the scene of an emergency or in a modern hospital with advanced information systems, the iSE Series Series provides the necessary tools to streamline the process of cardiac monitoring and diagnosis.


The Edan iSE Series Series is not only adept at providing accurate cardiac data but is also versatile enough to adapt to diverse healthcare settings. Its design and technology make it suitable for use in ambulances, first-aid scenarios, and even in modern hospitals aiming for a paperless, digital approach to healthcare management. This versatility ensures that healthcare professionals can rely on the iSE Series Series for consistent and reliable cardiac monitoring in any environment.

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