Safeguard the Health of General Public: Social Obligation

Since its start, Mindray’s products have gained wide market recognition for their usability, superior quality, and simplicity of administration. The best AED company in terms of professionalism and forward-thinking is also the best in social responsibility. Therefore, it makes sense to make an AED purchase to raise social responsibility to provide the general public with first aid .

Social obligation

Mindray has designed a large color screen in the AED with voice guidance while playing operation demonstration animations to help residents complete the rescue. This gives the AED a great boost in terms of publicity and promotion. This design was based on the consideration of convenient use by regular residents.

Mindray’s commitment to social responsibility ties in with his work in the field of health protection.

The main social obligation for medical corporations is to concentrate on producing high-quality products that consumers want.

Mindray will promote the speed, intelligence, and simplicity of AED devices in the future to facilitate the popularity of AEDs and make it simpler for the general population to provide aid.

To safeguard the lives and health of the general public, Mindray will also work with several parties to invest in the public first aid industry, carry out medical emergency staff training, and conduct professional AED equipment training.

Mindray‘s “dedication” to public safety and health is mirrored in its innovative products, echoing the World Heart Day message.

Visit the Mindray website if you want further details.

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