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Sorting Bottles Made Easy: The Benefits of Using a Bottle Unscrambler from Pharmapack.

Pharmaceutical and packaging companies are constantly seeking ways to streamline their production process and increase efficiency. One vital piece of equipment in such an industry is the bottle unscrambler. This device plays an essential role in ensuring that bottles are correctly aligned, oriented, and ready for filling and packaging. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the function and benefits of a bottle unscrambler from Pharmapack.

Function of bottle unscrambler

A bottle unscrambler is a mechanical device used in the pharmaceutical industry to organize and prepare plastic or glass bottles for filling with liquids, powders, or tablets. The machine feeds bulk bottles into a hopper, sorted, and placed on a conveyor belt uprightly. The bottles move through a series of rotating disks, which align them in the correct orientation before being picked up by a transfer wheel and conveyed to the next stage of the production line.

Benefits of bottle unscrambler

Improved Efficiency: A bottle unscrambler can handle large volumes of bottles in a short period, reducing the need for manual labor and increasing the speed of production. This means more products can be produced in less time, improving efficiency and higher profits.

Reduced Labor Costs: By automating the bottle sorting process, a bottle unscrambler eliminates the need for manual labor, reducing the cost of production and freeing up employees to perform other tasks.

Consistent Quality: A bottle unscrambler ensures that all bottles are correctly oriented, reducing the risk of errors during the filling and packaging process. This improves the overall quality of the product and reduces waste.

Easy Maintenance: Bottle unscramblers are easy to maintain and require little downtime for repairs, ensuring that production is not interrupted for extended periods.


In conclusion, a bottle unscrambler is critical for any pharmaceutical or packaging company looking to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Automating the bottle sorting process ensures that bottles are correctly aligned and ready for filling, leading to improved quality, reduced waste, and increased profits. For these reasons, investing in a bottle unscrambler from Pharmapack is an excellent choice for any company looking to streamline their production process.

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