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The Complete Laser Level Buyers Guide

A laser level is a tool commonly used in the construction industry and utilised in surveying. The laser level projects alaser beam onto the surface – depending on the type of laser level you purchase, it can project a single beam or multiple. 

It can project the beam along a vertical or horizontal axis and is useful for various reasons. For example, a laser level is used for site layout, elevation checks, and plumbing works in basic surveying. It is also used to level floors, check window and door heights, measure distances, and speed up the process. It’s a quick and reliable way to work. 

Before you decide which laser level is right for your use, you should know what different laser levels can do and how they operate. 

The Different Types of Laser Levels 

Line Laser 

A line laser level projects a single-level line across the surface in one direction. It’s bright and steady, ideal if you are working indoors. It’s a lightweight tool, so while you can fix it on a tripod or platform, it’s also easy to hold. This is the most common laser level.

Multiline Laser

This is a form of the line laser. It’s commonly used for interior projects such as setting walls and outdoor projects such as deck installation. 

Cross Laser 

A cross laser is another form of line laser and works by crossing beams on the surface. They are suitable for plumbing and levelling. 

Dot Laser Level

The dot laser level projects a point to serve as the reference point, whether your surface is a wall or ceiling. These are most commonly used by plumbers and electricians, particularly when installing lighting and fixtures. 

Rotary Laser Level

A rotary laser level projects a single line at a 360-degree angle. The dot spins to create what looks like a solid line. It’s generally used for outdoor applications, particularly at long distances. If you purchase a rotary laser, you need to consider RPM. A slower RPM provides a brighter beam with less range, and a faster RPM produces a weaker beam that reaches greater distances.

Grade Laser Level

Grade laser levels are a form of rotary laser and are used for precision work. In addition to being suitable for major outdoor projects, they are also useful for collecting angle and height data. 

Pipe Laser Level 

This is a type of grade laser level and is an essential tool for pipework and underground trenches. 

The Details

  • Beam Colour: Laser-level beams are typically green or red. It might not seem important, but green beams are easier to see because they are generally brighter than red beams. A green beam is ideal for large indoor projects, while a red beam is suitable for outdoor use. 
  • Levelling: Some laser levels operate automatically, and some require manual input. A manual level will require various adjustments, while an automatic level will level itself as required. 
  • Receivers: You must ensure the receiver is set to receive the beam colour you are using. 

Whichever laser level you choose, you may also need accessories, batteries, a tripod or a laser line detector. Remember this and ensure you choose the right laser level to suit your requirements. Explore more at RS for a wide range of Laser Levels.

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