What is the over 1.75 bet? Extremely good experience in betting on Over/Under bets from experts

What is the over 1.75 bet? Over/Under bets with odds of less than 2 goals are very rare in soccer betting. Usually we only encounter this 1.75 bet when the two teams play more defensively and rarely attack. So for many people, Over/Under 1.75 is still quite new and strange. When encountering this odds, they will not know how to bet or read the odds correctly. Then the article is below Neu88 will guide you in detail through the article below!

1. What is the over 1.75 bet?

According to betting experts, the 1.75 handicap is also known as the 1 and a half 2 goals handicap. This is one of the most popular Asian Handicap odds at many bookmakers in Vietnam. Depending on each house, there will be different ways of displaying, 1.75 or 1 3/4. When players participate in betting on the odds category, the following situations will occur:

  • If the upper team wins with a gap of 3 goals or more: Those who choose the upper team will win the bet and win all the money. Whoever chooses the underdog team will lose the entire bet.
  • If the favorite team wins and has a gap of 2 goals: the person betting on the favorite team will win half of the bet. The team that chooses the underdog will lose half of the bet.
  • If the underdog team wins, draws or loses with a difference of only 1 goal, the player who chooses the underdog team will lose the entire bet. Choosing the underdog team will win the full bet amount.

2. The most accurate experience in betting on Over/Under 1.75

With Over/Under 1.75 bets, we usually do not play this Over/Under bet type. Because the majority of players will choose Over.

Because matches with an Over/Under ratio of 1.75 are often very difficult to predict, because of the difficulty of predicting the match. Therefore, the experience to bet on Over/Under 1.75 is that you need to overcome the fear of betting Under. Usually these matches do not have many goals.

You should bet on Over 1.75 when the handicap is less than 1/2. In these matches, if there is a goal in the first half, the possibility of the match going to Over is very high. Players can also play these types of matches.

In matches with a high handicap of 3/4, you can choose to bet on the Under. You can also bet on these matches during the match. If there is a goal in the first half, there is a possibility of a goal in the second half.

For the first matches in which there were no goals scored in the first half plus the solid defensive play of the whole team, in the second half you can also consider going Under or not taking the Over/Under bet 1.75 this too.

Because the possibility of scoring in round 12 is extremely low. Depending on the details of the match at that time to make the best decision.

3. Note when betting Over/Under 1.75

You should not play Under in matches with low Over/Under. Especially in the second half when there are more than 2 goals. You can play Over in those matches if there are more than 2 goals before the 60th minute.
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You should also not play Over when there is only less than 1 goal in the first half. You should not bet too much money in a match with low Over/Under.

You should stay calm to determine the amount to bet in a match. Do not bet on multiple matches at the same time. Statistics on all daily and weekly winnings and losses to have a reasonable betting strategy.

Another soccer betting experience is to only bet on reputable soccer tournaments. In this tournament, there are strong and weak teams competing together in the same group or in rounds.

Some prestigious tournaments often have a 1.75 handicap when betting that you can choose from such as the English Premier League, Bundesliga, Serie A, La Liga, League One, Euro, World Cup or Asian Cup. These tournaments give players peace of mind, without pre-fixed results.

The odds of different bookmakers may fluctuate depending on their analysis. So you need to pay attention to the house odds and the soccer odds that the bookmakers offer when betting on the 1.75 handicap.

Above is information about Over/Under odds for new members. With these experiences of betting on Over/Under 1.75, we hope to help bettors confidently bet. Wishing you success and luck!

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