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What You Need to know About EVE 18650 26V

Are you looking for a safe battery with a lot of energy that can be charged quickly? You might be looking for a battery like EVE 18650 26V. With a high voltage , this battery is great for high-power devices like drones, RC cars, and more. Plus, it comes with a quality guarantee and customer service that is easy to use.

Introduction to EVE 18650 26V Battery

EVE 18650 Battery is a type of rechargeable battery designed specifically for use in electric cars. It has a low risk of explosion and can be rapidly recharged, in addition to having a high energy density. It has a capacity of 85 amp-hours of electricity and can be brought up to a 50% charge in a short amount of time using the EVE Quick Charge 3.0 standard. Additionally, the battery is equipped with a protection circuit that prevents it from being overcharged and turns itself off immediately in the event of a short circuit.

Specifics regarding the EVE 18650 Batteries 26V

Both the level of safety and the energy density of EVE V are very high. Rapid recharging is possible with it. The EVE’s Laboratory reports that EVE 18650 26 v batteries have a nominal capacity of 2550mAh, 3.6 voltage, and a life of 1000 cycles. The height of the battery measures 65 millimeters, while its width measures 18.35 millimeters, and it weighs 45 grams.


The EVE 18650 26V is a high-quality battery with a high energy density that can be charged quickly and safely. It works great in devices with a lot of power, like drones and electric cars. Because it can be charged quickly, this battery can be quickly charged at home or at the office. The EVE 18650 26V is a great option to think about if you want a good battery that will meet your needs.

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