5 Most Effective and Easiest Ways to Calculate Northern Lottery

Northern lottery is always a form that many players participate in. But not everyone knows how to calculate northern lottery accurately and most effectively. So Nhà cái Hi88 I will share the fastest and most accurate calculation method for your reference in the following article.

Instructions on the easiest ways to calculate Northern lottery

Lottery is a form that in addition to careful calculation, the element of luck is also of interest to players. In fact, there are many separate lottery calculations to increase your chances of winning. The following are shares about calculation formulas that you can refer to as follows.

How to calculate according to Northern lottery numbers

One of the most effective ways to calculate is to rely on the lottery results of the first day and save it for the third day. For example, the last 2 numbers of today’s lottery are 68. Of which, 6 is Going with the ball is 1 and 8 going with the ball is 3. At this point you will have a relative number 38 or 83 to play the next day.

How to calculate Northern lottery according to statistical probability

In addition to the above calculation, you can also calculate the lottery according to statistical probability. This is a scientific method that you should choose to increase your chances of winning. The probability of winning 27 numbers out of 100 numbers is:

Based on the number of lots, the formula to calculate the probability to bet is [1- ({100 – n}%^27)x100].

The odds of losing when playing the lottery are up to 99% and can double if you bet on 2 lottery numbers. We will have the probability calculation formula as [1-(99%^27)x100]~ 23.7%.

If you use these calculation formulas well, you will easily be able to calculate beautiful numbers. This helps you balance your playing money and understand the probability of winning as well as the amount of money you bring home.

The way to calculate lottery numbers based on total lottery numbers is extremely simple

Based on the total lottery numbers, you can easily find out how to calculate Northern lottery numbers. For newbies, this is not too difficult. If you know how to use this calculation effectively, winning is very easy. Please choose the last 5 numbers in the special prize to add together. Finally, grow this number for a week.

For example: The total of the last 5 numbers of the special prize is 22. Use this number to place your next bet. But you can feed this number for a period of 1 continuous week. If it doesn’t come back after 1 week, please change the total. As usual, lottery results will be released every 2 to 5 days.
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How to calculate lottery according to folk theory of five elements

Among the many ways to calculate Northern lottery, the method based on the folk five elements theory is also used by many experts. Usually in life, the five elements correspond to 5 elements: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth. Each factor brings different characteristics and even the lottery calculation. Specifically it is.

  • Number 2 corresponds to Kim.
  • Number 5 corresponds to Wood.
  • Number 3 corresponds to Fire.
  • Number 1 corresponds to Water.
  • Number 4 corresponds to Earth.

In addition, when following the yin and yang shadow, you will get the following results

  • Metal is 7, Wood is 0, Fire is 8, Water is 6 and Earth is 9.
  • Metal -> Wood -> Fire -> Water -> Earth -> Metal.

The final result will be: 2 -> 5 -> 3 -> 1 -> 4 -> 2 and 7 -> 0 -> 8 -> 6 -> 9 -> 7.

How to calculate lottery numbers through special prediction on Monday

This way of calculating the Northern lottery, you will get the first number of the Northern lottery special prize every week on Monday. This is the calculation to get the total for the lottery from Tuesday to Sunday. For a period of one week this bridge may appear 1 to 2 times. So your ability to win is quite large.

If you are a cautious person, you should stop at the first win to ensure profit. But for lottery lovers, you can choose a few more beautiful numbers to play. For example, the special prize announced on Monday October 5 is 98210. You will rely on the calculation to take the first number 8 as the total number. Then you will choose for yourself the numbers to play that week: 18, 72, 54, 36, 63, 45, 27, 81.

Things to pay attention to when using the Northern lottery calculation method

In any form, there are different rules of the game and so is the lottery. Before playing, you need to understand and remember to avoid encountering unnecessary risks. Here are some things to note for you.

  • Once you have money, be patient with your numbers. Don’t be impatient to miss the opportunity to win.
  • Keep a stable and comfortable mentality, eliminate the thought that you are unlucky and start participating wisely.
  • Once you lose, you cannot borrow money to continue playing. Need to regain composure to save money for the next attacks.

Through the above article, Hi88 has introduced to you some of the most effective and simple ways to calculate Northern lottery. Hopefully this method will help you choose beautiful and lucky numbers for yourself. I wish you every success!


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