How to bet on Over/Under to redeem MB66 rewards and tips to win

Nhà cái MB66 Over/Under rewards are considered one of the extremely attractive forms of betting, bringing participants a lot of excitement. Accordingly, the game provides many diverse betting options so you can predict and make your own choices. But to improve the chances of winning, gamers also need to be equipped with a few effective playing tips, which we will explore in the article below.

Rules of the Over/Under game with rewards MB66

Over/under at bookmaker MB66 is a game that uses 3 dice to create results, and players only need to bet on over or under. However, this game has undergone many transformations and has many different versions.

  • The total score of 3 dice from 4-10 will be called Under.
  • The total score of 3 dice from 11-17 will be called Over.
  • If all three dice have the same number, the player loses, unless they have bet on that result.

Each type of bet will have a different payout rate, depending on the difficulty of the result. In addition, the game also offers many different types of bets with separate rates for each option.

Places to bet on the Over/Under game with rewards for MB66

Currently, in addition to the traditional way of betting over or under on regular reward game portals, the bookmaker providing this game has developed many other forms of betting as follows:

Bet on over/under

This is the basic over/under bet type, as well as the most chosen at online bookmaker MB66. When playing, you only need to choose one of two options: Over or Under. Under will have a total score from 4 to 10, while Over will have a total score from 11 to 17.

Bet on the number of points on the dice

This MB66 over/under bet allows you to bet on specific numbers from 1 to 6. If at least one of the three dice displays the selected number, the player will win the bet.

Triple bet

When you participate in a triple bet, you need to predict that all three dice will have the same number of points. This is a quite difficult bet and has a very high winning rate. If a gamer bets on any triple, the payout ratio will be 1:30. If you bet on a trio with a specific number of points, the payout ratio will be 1:150.

Total bet

Different from betting on each specific number, MB66 total over/under bet allows you to bet on the total score of all three dice after rolling. Gamers can choose a total score from 3 to 18, the payout ratio for this type of bet is usually 1:9.9, potentially higher than some other types of bets.

Pair bets

Pair bets are similar to triple bets, that is, if you think the result will be two identical dice, you can choose pair bets. Bets on any pair have payout odds of 1:11, while bets on specific pairs have payout odds of 1:20. Players can bet on multiple pairs of numbers in the same game, note that if the three-way result is the same, all pair bets will lose.

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Tips for playing Sic Bo to win MB66 prizes easily

To increase your chances of winning and minimize losses when playing online Sic Bo at MB66, you can apply the following tips:

Hit quickly

This double bet is considered the most widely used way of playing, in which you only bet on one of two bets, over or under, from start to finish. With this method, even if you lose the first game, double the money the next time and if you win, there is still a profit when the bonus is doubled, for example:

  • First game, bet 100k and lose.
  • Second game over/under, bet 200k and lost.
  • Third game, bet 400k and lost.
  • Fourth game, bet 800k and still lost.
  • In the fifth game, the brothers bet 1600k (double the previous game) and won.
  • The sixth game, return to the original bet of 100k.

Bet on lucky players

Betting on lucky people is a useful way to play Sic Bo to exchange MB66 rewards in case you have lost too much. This is betting on other players’ choices, hoping that luck will catch them. Many real cases have seen changes in luck when applying this tip.

Place money on low bets

Don’t choose bets with high reward rates because the winning rate of these bets is very low. Prioritize betting on doors with low odds but the ability to win many times.

So, through this article, you have learned information about the rules of playing Sic Bo game with rewards MB66. At the same time, with the tips shared, gamers will be able to apply them effectively to win for themselves.


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